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The Mediathek of the Deutsche and Österreichische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie has developed into an indispensable fount of medical knowledge.

Over 400 quality-checked films document and comment on surgical techniques and topics covering practically every discipline. The Committee of the Surgical Consortium Media (CAM) reviews new contributions on an on-going basis and decides whether or not they will be incorporated - thus continually expanding the library.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (German Society of Surgery) currently has 6500 members and was established in Berlin in 1872, making it one of the oldest specialist medical/scientific societies there is.

According to the Society's own rules, its aim is to "promote both the scientific and practical aspects of surgery". Alongside making advancements in research and clinical practice, as well as evaluating and translating the same into comprehensive medical care, this also means getting involved in the political, economic and social debate surrounding our field. Other key tasks are providing education, further training and professional development services, and supporting the next generation of medical specialists by awarding numerous prizes and bursaries to young scientists at home and abroad. The Society constantly strives to cultivate international contacts and relationships with associated fields, scientific organisations and all other partners within the healthcare discipline.
The Österreichische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (Austrian Society of Surgery) was founded in 1958 and, together with its associated specialist surgical societies, has been advocating the entire range of scientific surgical issues for over 50 years. We focus in particular on maintaining links, both between different specialist disciplines and between those disciplines and the field of surgery as a whole, and on promoting scientific activity and training in a responsible manner.

The digital Aesculap Akademie enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leading forum for professional development and training in the field of medicine. Under the umbrella of B. Braun, it offers a programme to keep doctors, theatre staff and specialist personnel in hospitals and medical practices, as well as hospital managers, fit for the future.

There is today an unprecedented demand for medical know-how. Innovative developments in medical technology, sophisticated new treatment methods, increasingly stringent requirements for hospital and quality management and, last but not least, a love of learning, have given rise to a huge and ever rising demand for professional development and training.

medperts is a platform for anaesthetists, surgeons and intensive care doctors to share their knowledge and experience. The portal can only be accessed by qualified doctors, ensuring that the medical content is only available within professional circles and that the information exchanged between members is based on specialist expertise. Following successful registration, doctors can create their own individual profiles and take advantage of everything the platform has to offer in their day-to-day working lives. The medperts platform is free to use.




This film contains scenes with images that may not be suitable for minors or sensitive viewers.

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