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Submitting a film - you have an informative film, we provide your audience!

The Mediathek of the Deutsche and Österreichische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie currently has over 400 media items such as films and other contributions relating to different specialist surgical disciplinesavailable for training and professional development purposes.

The collection is being expanded all the time. The Surgical Consortium Media reviews the films and other contributions, and decides whether or not they will be incorporated. The result is quality-checked contributions which are then published by the Mediathek.


In return for transferring the non-exclusive rights of use for their contributions, writers receive the following compensation:

  • Flat licensing fee of €250.00
  • Use of the online Mediathek free of charge
  • In addition, every contribution is nominated once for the Edgar Ungeheuer Award, which comes with a €3000.00 prize

All the information you may need as a writer can be found here: Writer's information brochure


This film contains scenes with images that may not be suitable for minors or sensitive viewers.

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