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You can also make use of the Mediathek film library by taking out one of the annual online subscriptions outlined below.

Individual subscriptions

Students €29.00 excl. VAT Order form [93 KB]
Individual users who are members of the DGCH or ÖGC €89.00 excl. VAT Order form [69 KB]
Individual users €125.00 excl. VAT Order form [65 KB]

With an individual subscription, you can use your login details to access all the films available in the online Mediathek from any computer with an internet connection.

Hospital subscriptions

Hospitals €250.00 excl. VAT Order form [449 KB]
University hospitals €500.00 excl. VAT Order form [453 KB]

When you order a hospital subscription, your hospital's IP address will be enabled. This ensures that Mediathek films can be accessed from every workstation with an internet connection in the hospital.

Every hospital employee has the opportunity to create their own user account. 


This film contains scenes with images that may not be suitable for minors or sensitive viewers.

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